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05.17.2017 - New Frontiers of Sustainable Art

The cultural initiative "New Frontiers of Sustainable Art. Carlo Caldara & True Story", from an idea and curated by Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, is organized on May 17, 2017 in Milan at Palazzo Marino (Sala Alessi), from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm, by the ARD&NT Institute (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and Politecnico di Milano) ( and the ETHICANDO Association (, in collaboration with the School of New Technologies of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and the Oltre Confine Association of Anselmo Chizoniti.

It is an interesting time to deepen some aspects of the sustainability of art, a multidisciplinary topic explored by illustrious academics and experts, as well as by various personalities of culture.

In particular, the conference analyzes new expressive modes of the arts in a sustainable way in the era of new technologies, both in terms of bridging (bridges) between the arts and in terms of values, that is in terms of the capacity of the work art of being a bearer of a social message and/or a sustainable cultural-artistic promotion with positive effects on the community and on all the stakeholders involved.

Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, critic and economist of the sustainability of art, Roberto Favaro, well-known musicologist and chair of the Department of Design and Applied Arts and deputy director of the Accademia di Brera, Marcella Caradonna, President of the Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili in Milan, Roberto Rosso, illustrious photographer and director of the School of New Technologies of Art and of master on photography of the Accademia di Brera, besides prestigious critics, intellectuals and historians attend the event as lecturers.

Filippo Barberis, who has always been sensitive to the issues of valorization of the city of Milan, especially in terms of new opportunities for employment and expression for young people, illustrates his experience as a public administrator in the field.

The central moment of the conference is the promotion of the art of Carlo Caldara present at the event, eclectic physician and artist, who with his work spreads social messages, warnings to humanity in the era of new technologies. After the great success of his artistic exhibition in 2016 within the XXI International Triennial Exhibition in Milan, 2017 and 2018 are for him the years of international development with exhibitions scheduled in Rome at the MACRO, in Venice at the Guatemalan pavilion Of the Venice Biennale 57th International Art Exhibition, in Paris at the Orangerie Museum, and then in China and the USA.

Carlo Caldara is a sustainable artist because his works have an impressive impact on the stakeholders, uses recycled materials, creates bridging between the arts, osmotifying photography, painting, writing, sculpture.
The event is part of the Betting On Italy (BOI) communication platform, directed by Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, which promotes research, training and media initiatives on issues of valorisation and promotion of made in Italy in the world.
Federica Kluzer participates in carrying for the art works of Carlo Caldara in exhibition at Palazzo Marino during the event.

02.24.2017 - Sustainable Fashion & Arts

Friday, February 24, 2017, at the Sala del Grechetto at Palazzo Sormani in Milan, at Via Francesco Sforza n. 7, Ethicando Association ( in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, Central Library, organized the event "Sustainable Fashion & Arts" with the patronage by the ARD&NT Institute (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and Politecnico di Milano).

There was the presentation and showing of the film GIANTS IN MILAN - SUSTAINABLE ART, scripted by Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, directed by Andrea Bellati, with songs by Renato Doney, with a special appearance by Pino Farinotti and interventions of Marina Messina (Direttore Polo Musei Storici e Musei Archeologici), Giovanna Mori (Conservatore Responsabile Castello Sforzesco), Claudio Salsi (Soprintendente e Direttore Settore Soprintendenza Castello, Musei Archeologici e Musei Storici), Don Gianantonio Borgonovo (Arciprete del Duomo e Presidente della Veneranda Fabbrica), Ferruccio De Bortoli (Giornalista), Carla Fracci (étoile), Francesco Alberoni (Sociologo, saggista e scrittore), Rossella Farinotti (Critico d'Arte), Emilio Isgrò (Artista), Fernando Mazzocca (Storico dell'Arte), Francesco Martelli (Responsabile Cittadella degli Archivi, Comune di Milano), Sergio Escobar (Direttore Piccolo Teatro).

The film, produced by Ethicando Association, relates to the main monuments and artistic heritage of Milan (the Duomo, the La Scala, the Sforzesco Castle, etc.) and some great personalities in the story of Milan (Leonardo da Vinci, Alessandro Manzoni, Napoleone, Gio Ponti, etc.). Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, through in-depth focus on these monuments and personalities, artistically depicted in the film by Pino Farinotti, presents the key sustainability aspects of culture and art in Milan after EXPO 2015, also in terms of relapse of all stakeholders involved (citizens of Milan in the first place!), providing some interesting insights on the impact of major events system on the internationalization of the Lombardy capital.

There was a musical performance by the clarinet player Danila Musikhin and performer Yvonne Léhar from Dubai.


Friday, January 13, 2017, starting at 19:00, at Villa Sormani Marzorati Uva in Missaglia (LC), at the Piazza Sormani n. 1, Ethicando Association has successfully organized the first edition in 2017 of the event "A gala dinner in Brianza with ...? Artistic exclusive events in Villa Sormani Marzorati Uva"(abbreviated" VSMU ") entitled "On the Trail of the Templars in Villa Sormani Marzorati Uva"
The event, born from an idea of ​​the famous writer, economist and manager of culture and art Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico ( and Count Alberto Uva, belonging to the family owner of the homonymous historical house, had patronage by ARD&NT Institute of Milan (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and Politecnico di Milano) (, an organization that deals with research and higher education in the various artistic disciplines in a sustainable way.
The event also is part of the communication platforms Betting On Italy (BOI) and Betting On Lombardy (BOL), directed by Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, which promotes new sustainable territorial development procedures that optimize the expectations of stakeholders involved, as well media initiatives and events in general for better communication, even international twist, the so-called Made in Italy.
The goal of the format is twofold.
On the one hand it is to enhance Villa Sormani Marzorati Uva and promote the territory of Missaglia and Brianza making known their excellent products, especially the food and wine industry, so as to make each event a real bridging between various arts (music, architecture, painting, sculpture, design, fashion, literature, food & drink, etc.), without forgetting the life style, that is, everything that defined the style of a person in view of his physical and inner wellbeing.
On the other side it is to create opportunities for creative and educational growth progress: young artistic talents can express themselves in a historical context and beauty of great exclusivity, before a select audience, and the teachers of the prestigious master made by the ARD&NT Institute in partnership with ETHICANDO Association disclaim events in question so as to turn them into multi-disciplinary workshops for their students.
The event started at 19:00 with guest registration, the appetizer and the musical overture by the clarinetist Danila Musikhin with a variation of film music for clarinet.
After the introductory Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico and Alberto Uva speeches, Barbara Frale, historical note medieval historian, an expert on the history of the Knights Templar, Officer at the Vatican Secret Archives, has entertained distinguished guests with a disquisitio entitled "The Templars and Brianza" , followed by a discussion which was attended by, among others, Roberto Rosso, professor and director of the School of New Technologies of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, Antonio Ciurleo, professor and director of the School of Artistic Design for the Enterprise of Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan.
At 23:00 Count Alberto Uva acted as tour guide guests inside Villa Sormani Marzorati Uva, seventeenth-century building in the center of the village of Missaglia, with a history spanning the centuries until reaching the Roman era. By a Roman fortress becomes a palace with an adjoining chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin called Santa Maria in Castro (XIII century), before being acquired in 1648 by Don Paul Sormani coming within its stronghold of Missaglia and Brianza. Today Alberto Uva and his brothers are the heirs of owners of this beautiful and charming historic home.

The event ended at 24:00 approximately.

Event Chairman: Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico

12.19.2016 - 2016 Moganshan International Collegiate Film Festival

2016 Moganshan International Collegiate Film Festival, gala opening, with Jiang Bo and Pietro Innocenzi, Deqing County, Huzhou City Municipal (CHINA), December 19, 2016

Guest of Honor: Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico

12.18.2016 - 7th Traveler’s Cultural Festival & Investment and Trade Fair

7th Traveler’s Cultural Festival & Investment and Trade Fair, gala opening, with Jiang Bo and Pietro Innocenzi, Deqing County, Huzhou City Municipal (CHINA), December 18, 2016.

Guest of Honor: Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico