Princ. of Monaco coat of arms

Cadeau by Roberto Rosso for H.S.H. the Prince Alberto II Prince Regent of Monaco

Regarding the activities carried out jointly with Milan’s Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera through the ARD&NT Institute, ETHICANDO Association, taking advantage of Prof. Roberto Rosso, eminent photographer and Director of the Academy’s School of New Technologies, has promoted the realisation of a special cadeau for the Prince, to whom it will be delivered during the "Elba Experience" event, held on 11 and 12 June Elba Island organized by the Honorary Consulate of Monaco in Florence, under the patronage of the Tuscany Region, on behalf of the Italian Branch of Prince Albert II Foundation de Monaco.

The caudeau consists in a beautiful photographic image, which evokes the coat of arms of the Principality of Monaco, printed on a 20 millimetres thick glass plate, with a size of 50x50 centimetres.

The image is the result of two different processes, the first of which rigorously photographic.

First of all, there is the picture of five wooden parallelepipeds, photographed while twisting, thanks to an exclusive and personal system which is able to record the time-space ratio in a single image, without any postproduction intervention, study and interpretation directed by the “futurist photodynamic”.

The second phase, which occurs in postproduction, consists in folding the same image over and over again, across the Cartesian plane, and later duplicating it as many times as necessary, without any modification or addition of effects, following, in this case, the shapes and meanings of the picture serving as model, the coat of arms oh the Principality.

The thereby obtained result is however possible exclusively thanks to the particular and original photograph.

Also quite innovative is the printing technique, which requires the employment of materials which cannot be consumed either by time, or by weather conditions, whilst being perfectly natural and environmentally friendly. It is, in fact, the printing of high-quality glass plate, the Azcrystal by Azzimonti®, the result of careful, special and secret working procedures, which make it unique, inimitable and that enhances the playback picture.

In line with the media aspects, the operation is also culturally sustainable, since, by proposing again the coat of arms of the Principality of Monaco in an artistic-contemporary prospective, it favours its promotion among new generations, who are always paying serious attention to the evolution of the new medias, with an interpretative view also on cultural messages hailing from the past. I’m looking forward to a next meeting, in order to agree upon the procedure of delivery of the cadeau to the Prince, and the related communication aspects. 

The Artist Roberto Rosso

Roberto Rosso was born in Varallo Sesia April 23, 1956. After graduating from high school at the Art College, he studied  architecture at the Polytechnic in Milan. He also studied set design, graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts A.C.M.E in Novara.
He plays as a photographer specializing in the reproduction of Artistic Heritage. He has collaborated with the Superintendents, the Restorations, the Reserve of Sacro Monte di Varallo, the publishing houses, including the De Agostini Geographic Institute, for which he performed several reportage on the subject of Architecture and Geography.
At the same time he develops the work in advertising, participating in numerous advertising campaigns planned by several industrial groups of international importance, belonging to the publishing industry, fashion and design. He exhibited his works in photography at various exhibitions of contemporary art. Fascinated by the dynamics of the movement, he investigates the relation space-time, devising mechanisms and innovative techniques in the formulation of new content and aesthetic forms of shooting.
He is professor of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan and Director of the School of New Technologies for the Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan.