Partnerships & Patronages


On 1 December 2016 in Milan the ETHICANDO Association, herewith represented by its authorized representative, Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, and the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA), herewith represented by its authorized representative, ZHOU Bin, signed an agreement to promote cultural and artistic initiatives in China and Italy, and collaborate in the exchange of faculty and students with regard to training and research programs to play together, involving Chinese and Italian partner universities.

Subject of agreement:

" ... The parties agree to promote the following cooperation programs, based on their respective academic and educational needs:

  1. Exchange of academic staff
  2. Exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students
  3. Exchange of academic information and materials
  4. Joint research activities and publications
  5. Participation in co-operative seminars, workshops and academic meetings, conferences on matters of mutual interest
  6. Articulation agreements and joint programs that give credit towards degrees for courses taken at the partner universities
  7. Other agreed academic exchanges and cooperation programs, including short courses and summer programs ".